How to fix the error Download file now SEND RFU UPGRADE

HP Laserjet CP3505nThe quick fix (quick for you since you’re reading this article) for a cryptic error message for the HP Color Laserjet CP3505n printer.

Hello friends, Once stuck with this error, the printer goes into a loop which would make most people tear their hair out. In fact, some even buy a replacement and written the thing off for the scrap heap before anyone is even was aware of it. But I digress.

Here is what might help:

  1. Turn the printer on and then plug into the USB port
  2. Add the printer using an HP driver such as the HP Laserjet 4100 PCL 5 (make sure you name the printer “Hewlett-PackardHP LaserJet USB Upgrade”   **note the exact string includes no space between Packard and HP**
  3. Run the firmware upgrade utility and select that printer from the dropdown. It should run the upgrade no problem.

Before I hit on that combo I tried a couple other solution suggestions from partial info on various websites. If the above doesn’t work for you then feel free to try them as well. This includes: The fix in the first paragraph threw me because it sounded so good but just didn’t work for me despite multiple tries. My solution above is actually a much stripped-down version of the text that follows that first section…follow it if you want/need a step-by-step. This appears to be a good solution for MAC judging by the high # of comments praising the writer. If you have a mac then you can try this and it likely will work for you (modifying it for the Vista PC I was on did not work for me at all.)


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